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Psalm 34 - Easy To Read Version

The Happiness of Those Who Trust in God

1. I bless the Lord all the time.\par His praise is always on my lips.\par

2. Humble people, listen and be happy\par while I brag about the Lord.\par

3. Praise God with me!\par Let’s honor his name.\par

4. I went to God for help.\par And he listened.\par He saved me from all the things I fear.\par

5. Look to God for help.\par You will be accepted.\par Don’t be ashamed. {\cf2\super [210]} \par

6. This poor man called to the Lord for help.\par And the Lord heard me.\par He saved me from all my troubles.\par

7. The Lord’s angel builds a camp\par around the people that follow him.\par The Lord’s angel protects those people.\par

8. Taste the Lord\par and see how good he is.\par The person that depends on the Lord\par will be truly happy.\par

9. The Lord’s holy people should worship him.\par There is no other place of safety\par for the Lord’s followers.\par

10. Powerful people will become\par weak and hungry.\par But the people that go to God for help\par will have every good thing.\par

11. Children, listen to me,\par and I will teach you to respect the Lord.\par

12. If a person loves life\par and wants to live a good, long life,\par

13. then that person must not say bad things;\par that person must not tell lies.\par

14. Stop doing bad things!\par Do good things.\par Work for peace.\par Run after peace until you catch it.\par

15. The Lord protects good people.\par He hears their prayers.\par

16. But the Lord is against people\par that do bad things.\par He destroys them completely!\par

17. Pray to the Lord and he will hear you.\par He will save you from all your troubles.\par

18. When some people have troubles\par they stop being proud.\par The Lord is close to those humble people.\par He will save them. {\cf2\super [211]} \par

19. Good people might have many problems,\par but the Lord will save them\par from every one of their problems.\par

20. The Lord will protect all their bones.\par Not one bone will be broken.\par

21. But troubles will kill evil people.\par The enemies of good people\par will all be destroyed.\par

22. The Lord saves the souls of his servants.\par Those people depend on him.\par He won’t let them be destroyed.\par

Easy To Read Version

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